Wednesday, June 29, 2011

prelude to july

i know i haven't been blogging that much lately. contrary to popular belief that i am very much busy at work, life and everything in between, truth is, i am just too lazy to write.

sometimes i find myself logging in to blogger and drafting a new post. midway i would just stop and the supposed entry will remain just that, a draft. there are many of them now - stories that will never find their endings, never see the light of day.

i guess my friend was right. when one actually has a life outside these virtual spaces, it would be very difficult to sustain one's online presence.

but i decided not to give up on writing. because just like everyone here, i still have my stories to tell.

and come july, this blog's theme will be narcissism. every entry will be all about me.

yes, only me. mig. mir. moi.

consider it my coming out story.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

trunks or nothing

i say, it's never too late to enjoy the summer kaya eto kahit tag-ulan na, may swimming party pa ang department namin this coming thursday night. ayos lang din, after magliwaliw sa pool e magtutulog na lang ako since we rented the whole resort which includes a clubhouse with four bedrooms.

but i am still undecided on what to wear. should i go with the traditional board shorts o magta-tangga na lang ako. alma moreno, isdatchu? chos!

sige na nga para vengga, makapag-trunks na nga. pero dapat 'yung medyo conservative.

so, should i wear the bench nude,

or the aussiebum 70's meteorite?

or para masaya, skinnydip na lang kaya?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

edited: mini mouse

i feel your soft caress upon my skin... nanana... nanana... and it thrills me, thrills me, now i feel irresistibly soft like a touch from a rose.

punyetang LSS 'yan! anyway, nainspire naman daw ako sa mini me entry ni pareng joms kaya naghanap din ako ng sarili kong look-alike. and without further ado, heto na siya.

photograph removed.

bwahaha, tama na, ako talaga 'yan!

Friday, June 10, 2011

for once, globe did it right

i was looking at my phone when i approached the shop.

"bills payment, please.", i said, my head still down.

"here's your number, sir.", he said with his husky voice.

i just had to look up.

magbabayad ulet ako ng bill bukas.


peace, jason!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

of gayspeak and boredom

"bi" daw: susko!
bading: juice ko!
mas bading: susketch!

"bi" daw: lola j-lo!
bading: lola beyonce!
mas bading: lady gaga!

"bi" daw: echoserang palaka!
bading: echoserang frog!
mas bading: echoserang froglette!

"bi"daw: yes!
bading: tamah!
mas bading: tuh-muh!

another variation:

"bi"daw: tamah!
bading: korek!
mas bading: korak!

and finally:

"bi" daw: hay!
bading: hayyy!
mas bading: hayyyyyyyyyyyy!

nyeta, tuyot na tuyot talaga!

sige nga, kayo naman...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dumb blonde

we were reviewing the plant's safety-related activities yesterday and as usual, my mind wandered again. susko, lagi naman. basta ang meeting ay after-lunch, for sure, wala akong kwentang kausap.

anyway, we were talking about the recent fire drill we conducted. since our industry is categorized as high-risk, we are required to conduct several drills throughout the year, making sure that our response teams are ready for all emergencies.

"so what's the next drill?", asks the safety manager.

one section leader from the production group suggested to do an earthquake drill citing the incident in japan this first quarter.

on the other hand, the leader from maintenance said that it would be much wiser to do a flood control drill since the rainy season is coming.

"ikaw, john stan, what do you think?"

"uh, hmmm... an alien invasion drill."

ako na talaga!