Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dumb blonde

we were reviewing the plant's safety-related activities yesterday and as usual, my mind wandered again. susko, lagi naman. basta ang meeting ay after-lunch, for sure, wala akong kwentang kausap.

anyway, we were talking about the recent fire drill we conducted. since our industry is categorized as high-risk, we are required to conduct several drills throughout the year, making sure that our response teams are ready for all emergencies.

"so what's the next drill?", asks the safety manager.

one section leader from the production group suggested to do an earthquake drill citing the incident in japan this first quarter.

on the other hand, the leader from maintenance said that it would be much wiser to do a flood control drill since the rainy season is coming.

"ikaw, john stan, what do you think?"

"uh, hmmm... an alien invasion drill."

ako na talaga!


  1. bagay ka sa mars attacks!

    pwamis! lolz

  2. ahahahaha. alien invasion talaga? :P

  3. ditse di ko kinaya ang alien invasion. hehe

  4. haha. bongga. sana po natulog na lang kayo nung time na yun. :D peace

  5. @ternie: korek!

    @jepoy: 'yup. pwede naman 'yun 'di ba? it's an emergency after all.

    @desperate houseboy: 'di rin nila kinaya, 'teh.

    @engel: oist, me utang ka pa sa akin. haha!

    @green breaker: bongga dabah?