Wednesday, June 29, 2011

prelude to july

i know i haven't been blogging that much lately. contrary to popular belief that i am very much busy at work, life and everything in between, truth is, i am just too lazy to write.

sometimes i find myself logging in to blogger and drafting a new post. midway i would just stop and the supposed entry will remain just that, a draft. there are many of them now - stories that will never find their endings, never see the light of day.

i guess my friend was right. when one actually has a life outside these virtual spaces, it would be very difficult to sustain one's online presence.

but i decided not to give up on writing. because just like everyone here, i still have my stories to tell.

and come july, this blog's theme will be narcissism. every entry will be all about me.

yes, only me. mig. mir. moi.

consider it my coming out story.


  1. Looking forward to you entries. :-) Just keep on writing.

  2. They say once a blogger, always a blogger. :) See you around Mister Stan. Send my regards to your hunni and Zoom as well, :)

  3. ako rin tamad magsulat kaya puro pics na lang pinopost ko. pero aabangan ko ang coming out mo girl

  4. John Stan! Naka ilang coming out ka na ah!!! Hehe =) I have wondered how you are.