Monday, July 25, 2011

kings of the road

accidents waiting to happen, that's what they are.

and in 15 minutes, i was a witness to two - both involving motorcycles.

i wonder why we tolerate their behavior. they drive like mad men. they go against the flow of traffic. they enter one-way streets. they beat red lights. they zigzag between lanes.


and a lot of them die on the road due to sheer carelessness and wanton disregard to the rights of others.

when will they ever learn discipline?

buti nga!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

playing with fire

i say, it's time for another blind item.

but hey, as much as i would want to stick to this month's theme of "all about me", hindi ako ito.


again, bawal mapikon. no names will be mentioned but clues will be given when asked.

bloggers a and b are like celebrities. they have this on-again, off-again relationship na nakakaloka ang sitwasyon paminsan-minsan.

heniwey, ngayon ay on-again sila and on the outset, they seem like the perfect couple this time.

pero wiz, naglalaro ng apoy si blogger b.

malimit siyang nakikita sa isang sikat na forum na nakikipagharutan sa ilang mga members. may eb pa ngang naganap kamakailan lang.

at eto pa, umabot ang kati ni blogger b sa twitter.

sa pamamagitan ng direct message, pilit niyang inaaya ng chorva si blogger c na type na type din ng kaibigan niyang si blogger d.

alam kaya ni blogger a ang lahat ng ito?


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Sunday, July 17, 2011

a lightbulb moment

really, the best ideas truly come at the most unexpected times.

i was developing the program sequence for a new equipment when i came across a wall - the machine will not work as planned. if i force myself to continue with this program, i would have to go out again to the field and rewire the whole system. not only that, it would entail bringing in more signals and interfaces which would mean added cost to the project.

this has been my dilemma in the past days.

i was thinking about this project while taking a shower last night. earlier in the day, i was told that we will resume operation in the coming week so finishing my work by monday or tuesday is necessary. i tried to recall every single detail of my diagram, considering possible turn-arounds that i can use. and then it hit me. yes, i could divert some signals without actually changing the external interfaces of the system. it should work!

there it is. very simple.


and now that this job is almost done, i can start working with his gown.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

an open letter to noynoy

i know i promised that this month's entries will all be about narcissism, however, pressing concerns require that i stray a little. but don't fret, this one's still about me.

President, Republic of the Philippines
MalacaƱang Palace

Dear Mr. President,

I have celebrated my 28th birthday on April XX, 2011.

I know that it was a precious day and a timely occasion to thank my parents for bringing me into this world, and the Lord for giving me another year.

After checking my finances and finding out that I don't have sufficient funds,

I have decided not to hold a birthday party.

Instead, I made use of my birthday as a day with and for myself, and with my boyfriend. Having been declared, awarded, and honored by my blog contemporaries as the "Guru on M2M Relationships", I am grateful to God that He has made me an instrument in spreading the love among us, especially here in the blogosphere.

I know I can do more to promote and work towards this endeavor.

It is in this view that I am asking a favor from your Excellency.

At present, I really need a brand new SUV, preferably a Mazda CX-9 worth 2.4 Million Pesos, which my boyfriend and I can use to reach the far-flung areas of Luzon.

I hope you will never fail to give me a brand new car which would serve as your birthday gift to me. After all, I have been a loyal supporter of Tita Cory, Kris, and yes, even Bimby.

And I am a taxpayer [unlike others out there].

For your information, I have with me a 2-year old car. But with all the taxes I have paid in my 7-year employment, I could have bought more.

I am anticipating your most favorable response on this regard.

I understand that PCSO is under intense scrutiny lately so maybe you can course your donation through Pagcor.

Thank you very much.

Oh wait!

Be assured of my constant support to your Excellency.

God bless you.


John Stanley

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a pissing episode

i was never really the studious type. but suffice to say, i always aimed for the moon.

and if not for my first grade teacher, i would have been the consistent honor student i hoped to be. i haven't moved on from that sad episode. i hate her.

chica lang!

still, i really wondered what went wrong. was it because i pee-peed on her carpet one hot afternoon while we were reading that infamous yellow abakada booklet?

i hope not.

but i do remember her washing my then yellowish tighty whities.

i guess my disappointment then made me strive a little bit harder than i used to. but i never really worked to be number one, oh no, sirs. a slot in the honor rolls was already very much sufficient to boost my [often times inflated] ego.

and 15 years after that carpet incident, i finished cum laude in electrical engineering and ended up in the top 20 of the board examinations. i got the icing on the cake.

i say, not bad.

and if i had to go back and re-live my life, i'll go and pee-pee on that [damn] carpet all over again.

Friday, July 1, 2011

what's in a name

i guess kane was right. it would be too late for a coming out story. after all, more than 2 years of my life had been already written in this blog. still, i'd like to believe that there are many things left unsaid. and it would be quite interesting for anyone to know how i came to be.

for starters, john stan is not my real name. but you all know that, of course.

i always had this fascination with the name john. i really don't know where it came from but i think it was the simplicity of the name that got me interested in the first place.

even before, whenever i'm meeting someone for the first time, it would be automatic that i introduce myself as john. and with so many johns in the world, chances are, you will always forget that it's me. true, a very effective escape plan.

now, what about stanley?

stanley was this cute chinito guy who persuaded me to get zoom-zoom. i was looking for a car then and as i entered their showroom, the most refreshing guy approached me. he was interested alright. very much interested to sell me my red sports car.

and that's how my moniker came to be.

as for my real name, go watch spongebob.

by the way, i was almost baptized as julius caezar. i know, right? ewww!