Sunday, July 17, 2011

a lightbulb moment

really, the best ideas truly come at the most unexpected times.

i was developing the program sequence for a new equipment when i came across a wall - the machine will not work as planned. if i force myself to continue with this program, i would have to go out again to the field and rewire the whole system. not only that, it would entail bringing in more signals and interfaces which would mean added cost to the project.

this has been my dilemma in the past days.

i was thinking about this project while taking a shower last night. earlier in the day, i was told that we will resume operation in the coming week so finishing my work by monday or tuesday is necessary. i tried to recall every single detail of my diagram, considering possible turn-arounds that i can use. and then it hit me. yes, i could divert some signals without actually changing the external interfaces of the system. it should work!

there it is. very simple.


and now that this job is almost done, i can start working with his gown.


  1. LOGO Soft? Congratulations, I think I also need a lightbulb moment at school. hehe