Friday, July 1, 2011

what's in a name

i guess kane was right. it would be too late for a coming out story. after all, more than 2 years of my life had been already written in this blog. still, i'd like to believe that there are many things left unsaid. and it would be quite interesting for anyone to know how i came to be.

for starters, john stan is not my real name. but you all know that, of course.

i always had this fascination with the name john. i really don't know where it came from but i think it was the simplicity of the name that got me interested in the first place.

even before, whenever i'm meeting someone for the first time, it would be automatic that i introduce myself as john. and with so many johns in the world, chances are, you will always forget that it's me. true, a very effective escape plan.

now, what about stanley?

stanley was this cute chinito guy who persuaded me to get zoom-zoom. i was looking for a car then and as i entered their showroom, the most refreshing guy approached me. he was interested alright. very much interested to sell me my red sports car.

and that's how my moniker came to be.

as for my real name, go watch spongebob.

by the way, i was almost baptized as julius caezar. i know, right? ewww!


  1. ahhh...uhhhmn...patrick? gosh I hope it's "starfish" na lang. lols.

  2. star. yes, your name is most definitely star!

  3. I was able to code your full name through one of your posts (re: race).. spell stalker.. :)

  4. I love the name John. I fell deeply in love with a wonderful guy named John :)

  5. proud to have that name! ooops! aheeheehee!

  6. "That's not my name,
    that's not my name,
    that's not my name,
    that's not my name."

    Well, I do know part of your name, me thinks. Does that count for something =)


  7. "as for my real name, go watch spongebob." ~ Ang pangalan mo ba'y Squidward? ahihihi...