Tuesday, September 27, 2011

revisiting copenhagen

i was cleaning my room the other day and found these tickets stashed inside one of my traveling bag's side pocket. i never knew that i still had them since i thought i threw away all my non-essentials the last time i transferred accommodations.

when i was assigned somewhere in the scandinavian region for an offshore project, adapting to the local culture was one of my priorities. danish people are not car-crazy. they walk. they bike. they ride the bus. they take the train.

but very seldom that they take their cars especially when going to work. then again, why bother when you have a clean environment and a very efficient transport system?

i wrote something about it before in my other online journal.

"i remember when i was still in denmark last year. we used to walk to and from the office everyday. it was autumn going to winter during that time that's why its much colder outside than in our hotel rooms. during weekends, we enjoyed walking around copenhagen, checking out the nice places, their shopping streets, the huge palaces, (amalienborg is simply wow!) and of course, their parks. among the places i have visited, they have the best parks as far as scenery is concerned.

one time, i walked for like four hours straight. the time passed by without me noticing. i started from the hotel then walked towards carlsberg brewery museum. after a short visit inside, i went to sondermarken park then fredericksberg have. this park is quite popular among tourists because during summer, the danish people enjoy sunbathing here in all their naked glory."

i would have loved to visit again but i might need to save up. denmark is not very cheap. in fact, copenhagen, its capital, is the second most expensive city in the world.

and when you're there, it's really very hard not to spend.

or maybe that's just me.

Monday, September 26, 2011


In today's Inquirer, Fr. Joaquin Bernas, a priest, lawyer and member of the 1986 Constitutional Commission, wrote a very enlightening piece.

"Having said all this I must also put on my hat as a priest of the Catholic Church. I accept the teaching of the Catholic Church which prohibits not only abortion but also artificial contraception. Yet one might say that through this article I am in fact approving artificial contraception. I am not doing such a thing. Aside from being a Catholic priest in good standing, I am also a lawyer and teacher and student of Constitutional Law. What I am doing is to place all this in the context of our constitutionally mandated pluralistic society. Not all citizens of the Philippines are Catholics. Many of them therefore do not consider artificial contraception immoral or anti-life. The teaching of my Church is that I must respect the belief of other religions even if I do not agree with them. That is how Catholics and non-Catholics can live together in harmony. The alternative which, God forbid, is the restoration of the Inquisition."

For the complete article, you may follow this link.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011


something happened recently and a blog revamp is inevitable.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

bravo, AJ

i guess i am one of those who are lucky enough to meet AJ in his short lifetime. if only for the little chikas and those bitchy moments we shared together, he surely left a mark.

but more than that, he will always be remembered as this very driven, assertive and yet fun-loving guy that we all came to know.

on this stage, indeed, he played a short role. but true enough, he played it very very well. bravo, AJ!

AJ and the blogger, happier times

guys, i am pretty sure that most of us knew what AJ went through. it's never too late to help. every little help is and will be appreciated by his family. to know how, click the link below.

1000 Volunteers for AJ Matela

and to you AJ, good luck on your next journey.