Sunday, September 11, 2011

bravo, AJ

i guess i am one of those who are lucky enough to meet AJ in his short lifetime. if only for the little chikas and those bitchy moments we shared together, he surely left a mark.

but more than that, he will always be remembered as this very driven, assertive and yet fun-loving guy that we all came to know.

on this stage, indeed, he played a short role. but true enough, he played it very very well. bravo, AJ!

AJ and the blogger, happier times

guys, i am pretty sure that most of us knew what AJ went through. it's never too late to help. every little help is and will be appreciated by his family. to know how, click the link below.

1000 Volunteers for AJ Matela

and to you AJ, good luck on your next journey.

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