Sunday, November 20, 2011

two years hence

two years ago, on this month, i committed to the most wonderful guy in the world.

jason and i met in the most ordinary circumstance. it was just supposed to be a one-nighter but i guess destiny has ways of bringing people together. we decided to jump into it and there was no looking back since then.

i wonder what could have happened if we did not meet. probably, i'd still be a happy-go-lucky, "pa-tweetums" twenty-five-year old virgin. charot!

as it turned out, i still have a lot to discover about myself. jason made me realize a lot of things i am capable of, especially in handling relationships. as most of you know, ours is not always smooth sailing. we went through several problems in the past and we were just thankful that we overcame them one by one.

i know for a fact that we cannot steer clear from rapid waters. sometime in the future we are sure to encounter trials that may test our love and loyalty to each other. i just hope and pray that when that time comes, we would just look into each other's eyes and understand the clear simple message that our love is all that matters.

happy anniversary wabwab ko!


  1. so in love, so sweet! im so ingit LOL.. happy aniversary sa inyong dalawa...

  2. i smiled... happy 2nd to you and your j. :)