Monday, January 30, 2012

the filipino is [not really] a dancing crowd

at least that's what i deduced from last night's performance.

i read somewhere that in almost, if not, all the runs of the hit musicale mamma mia!, the crowd gets on their feet during the finale song - dancing queen. last night, however, only a few among the filipino audience, myself included, got on our feet and danced to the beat.

it was a different story though when it comes to the singing part. whenever the characters burst into a song, expect some members of the audience to sing along. i guess it's the abba effect.

or maybe we're just more into singing.

anyway, i won't be posting any review about mamma mia! i leave that to the likes of "the" gibbs cadiz - an authority when it comes to arts and culture. i'm sure he's got something to say.

the musical runs until february 19 at the ccp main theater. if you're into such, or maybe just a little curious, i'm sure you'll have lots of fun. jason and i did.


  1. I agree, we watched also the musicale last Sunday night and sa lugar namin tatlo kaming nakatayo at sumasayaw, keribels sa mga katabi na walang reaction the whole night...

  2. Wow, nagmumusical ka na pala. Hehe.

  3. @jetlander: sabay pala tayong nanood!

    @mugen: ngayon lang, hehehe!

  4. Maybe because of the size of the venue? I remember when Rent and Cabaret were staged in the much much smaller Music Museum, members of the audience were more uhm participative. Or maybe we're just hardcore haha

  5. I want to see the show but too bad, im not in Manila.