Sunday, January 1, 2012

welcoming 2012

i slept early last night but amazingly woke up one year after.

as expected, i woke up right after midnight; 12:04 to be precise. it was jason calling to greet me a happy new year. sweet! he called me again later in the morning to tell me that his sisters are looking for me at their celebration. aww, sweeter!

i'm part of the family already!

and speaking of family, mom and dad also called me up at around 12:30. they told me they're having some barbecue, pasta and ham for media noche. i told them i only have a huge bowl of steaming hot lucky me instant seafood noodles... and lots and lots of money.

charaught lang!

i turned the television on and saw that tangled is shown in star movies. deciding to watch, i opened my fridge to get a box of ferrero rochers. while watching, i logged on to facebook and posted a message to my fans.

noticing an "interesting" link, i found myself browsing thai porn. some hot action ensued.

looking back at the television, i saw the credits rolling.

damn tangled, i missed you again!


  1. You spent New Year's Eve alone, john stan?

  2. yup, ruddie.

    jason invited me to come over but i was too tired to drive after finishing lots of tasks at work.

  3. Sana sinundo ka niya. Lol. That would be sweetest!

    Happy New Year Stan, share us more stories bout you and Jason.

  4. Happy New Year John Stan!!! nakausap ko partner mo, di daw kita binati sabi mo.

    ayan!!! LOL