Friday, February 24, 2012

a belated reply

it was december of 2010 when you sent me the letter. and since i don't want to break my holiday mood, i decided not to read it.

i remember a few days ago before that when a common blogger friend invited us, among others, to hang-out in this posh hotel in singapore, i purposely did not come. i see no reason staying inside a room with you in it.

because you were not my friend, at least not anymore.

now, in hindsight, i realized that, yeah, i did react badly towards you. i let loose and blamed you for everything. i should have understood you better then. i should have understood that people will not always react to situations the way i wanted them to.

reading your letter now and knowing (finally) your side, i couldn't help but think how different things would have become had i not told you one of my darker secrets. it was a test of true friendship, and sadly, we both failed.

i was not fair to you and for that, i apologize.

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