Tuesday, February 21, 2012


recently, jason and i have been fighting more than the usual. i'm not sure who became more sensitive between the two of us or maybe, there are just more situations happening wherein we are pushing our conflicting views.

whatever the reason may be, i just hope that these petty quarrels remain just that - petty. i'd like to believe that we grew together in this relationship and situations such as this will never tear us down.

after all, wedding bells will soon be heard. and with that we start a different journey anew.


  1. Maybe both of you need to set aside more space. :)

  2. It's all par for the course, john stan.

  3. @conio: i know it will, thanks.

    @mugen: it seems to be a bright idea at the moment. but we're coping up. kaya pa. :)

    @ruddie: yeah, i guess so.