Friday, March 16, 2012

ready to run

i'd like to think that i'm really serious with my full marathon this coming sunday. in fact, early morning runs have been a part of my busy schedule.

pero dahil hindi nga kasi ko straight, i had some "serious" problems that an ordinary runner wouldn't normally have. these include, and i think one of, if not, the most important is

looking really good as i cross the finish line. charaught!

heniwey, here are my essentials on race day.

a. adidas king of the road singlet - tough choice, really, because i would have wanted to use my singapore marathon singlet. unfortunately, nagamit ko pala sa training run at nasa hamper pa rin.

b. the north face flight series "pututoy" short

c. cep compression socks

d. adidas visors

e. nathan two-bottle hydration belt

f. my dream marathon race bib

at syempre, my running shoes. hindi ko nga lang pwedeng ipatong sa bed ko.

at this point, i believe my body is ready for the beating. i just have to condition my mind. 'yun pala ang pinakamahirap.

but this is it. wala ng atrasan.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

the carpenter's son

This was yesterday's source of inspiration.

A carpenter's son finishes valedictorian of PMA's Bagwis Class of 2012. Despite his family's financial hardships and an ailing mother who succumbed to death last year, Tom Puertollano rose above it all. Indeed, the honor is most deserved for the son who went to the Academy just so that his education will not be an added burden to his family.

Here is one person who showed us that being poor is not an excuse. Opportunities abound. We just have to grab it and give our best.

And cute siya, in fairness!