Friday, February 24, 2012

a belated reply

it was december of 2010 when you sent me the letter. and since i don't want to break my holiday mood, i decided not to read it.

i remember a few days ago before that when a common blogger friend invited us, among others, to hang-out in this posh hotel in singapore, i purposely did not come. i see no reason staying inside a room with you in it.

because you were not my friend, at least not anymore.

now, in hindsight, i realized that, yeah, i did react badly towards you. i let loose and blamed you for everything. i should have understood you better then. i should have understood that people will not always react to situations the way i wanted them to.

reading your letter now and knowing (finally) your side, i couldn't help but think how different things would have become had i not told you one of my darker secrets. it was a test of true friendship, and sadly, we both failed.

i was not fair to you and for that, i apologize.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


recently, jason and i have been fighting more than the usual. i'm not sure who became more sensitive between the two of us or maybe, there are just more situations happening wherein we are pushing our conflicting views.

whatever the reason may be, i just hope that these petty quarrels remain just that - petty. i'd like to believe that we grew together in this relationship and situations such as this will never tear us down.

after all, wedding bells will soon be heard. and with that we start a different journey anew.

Friday, February 17, 2012

we're still here

Whoa, it's past the middle of February already! Now where did all that time go?

To those who might be wondering what in the world happened to me, well, Jason and I has just got back from our short trip to Boracay. Korek, kami na ang nag-celebrate ng Valentine's sa beach!

We were both busy during the past months, lalo na ako, because of my recent major project at work which, thankfully, is already up and running two days before the trip. Kaya naman breather sa aming dalawa 'to.

Kaso naman, inulan kami ng bongga!

Anyhow, enjoy pa rin naman since Boracay, this early, is already teeming with gorgeous people. Ang saya lang!

Ang daming check!

Ang daming pasado sa Johnstan-Jason Scale!

May pabaon pa dahil 'nung pauwi na, we saw the hottest flight attendant ever. Susko, ang sarap-sarap talaga. Buti na lang at may name tag ang mga FAs sa PAL. Kuhang-kuha!

Kaya heto, stalker-mode muna. Kalowka!


On a different note, de-activated currently ang Twitter account ng John Stan. May nilandi kasi ko doon. Eh follower ko nga pala ang asawa ko kaya ayun, buking! I'll be coming back soon though. See yah all!