Sunday, October 5, 2014

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Being busy with work the past few days helped me clear my head.

I realized there’s no point retelling this tale as there were no substantial twists that made it a bit more exciting - boy meets boy, they fell in love, they were happy (for a time), they fought (a lot, if I may say so), they separated.

End of story.

I take my portion of the blame. I have always admitted my faults.


If he is now in a relationship with someone he doesn't love, the fault was not mine. I did not make that choice. So don’t blame me.

Now I’m closing the last chapter of our book, setting it on fire.


  1. Is everyone coming back to the light of an oncoming train?

  2. Uso yata ngayon ang hiwalayan. Sana wala nang ibang maki-uso. Nakakalungkot. :(